July 14 Farm Update

At the farm stand:
– sweet corn
– summer squash
– blueberries
– cherries – sweet & sour
– fresh red tomatoes
– grape tomatoes
– cukes

– raspberries
– blueberries
– green and yellow beans


U-Pick Crops

This coming week we will have the following u-pick crops: blueberries, raspberries, shell peas and just starting green and yellow beans. Hope to see you on the farm!

Frank says….

Strawberries are ripening – although slower than I would like. The schedule as I see it is: we will have berries at farmers market on Friday the 16th at Rite Aide. We will have fresh lettuce at the farm stand on June 17. Also, picked berries and lettuce at the stand on Sunday June 18th after 11 am. Baked goods will be available at the stand both Saturday and Sunday. Right now u-pik strawberries are scheduled for the later part of the week of June 19. The shell peas are looking good. Hopefully ready by last week of June. Hope to see you soon!

New Growing Methods Information

Tomato Growing Methods

Sweet Corn Growing Methods

Exciting News!

Coming to our farm soon on Saturdays and Sundays! Find them on Facebook and like their page  C&M Sweets

Home baked goods made with local products and love……

Farm Update 5/16/17

Here is the latest news from Our Green Acres!

  • Strawberry Crop looks real good
  • Blueberries look great – I’m pleased there is finally a crop.
  • Sweet corn is up
  • Peas look real good
  • Keith has tomatoes really perking.  They are getting fruit.

2017 CSA Signup Time!

Enjoy fresh fruit and vegetables right from the farm!

It is now time to signup for the 2017 CSA!  The application form and brochure can be found on our Farmstand CSA page.  Please signup by February 13, 2017 to get the best savings.  Refer a friend and get $20 added to your account.