Farming methods

We mix compost with the soil to improve its structure and add nutrients

At Our Green Acres, we believe in maintaining our land using sustainable farming methods.  A healthy land base is critical to the future success of our farm.

Here are some examples of farming practices we use:

Soil improvements:

  • Good crop rotations–we move our vegetables to different fields to minimize the build-up of pests.
  • Cover crops–we plant field crops like rye and clover when we aren’t using the soil for vegetables to improve soil structure and minimize erosion.  Where clover is planted, we graze our sheep.
  • Compost–we use it to add organic matter and nutrients to our soil.

Pest Control

Drip irrigation delivers water efficiently to the plant roots. In the background, Keith weeds the tomatoes and lettuce while weeds are tiny and easy to remove.

  • Disease-resistant plants–when possible, we choose veggie varieties that resist diseases
  • High Tunnels–our high tunnels (like minimally heated greenhouses) keep rain off the tunnel crops, minimizing diseases
  • Trellising–we trellis many of our vegetables (tomatoes, peppers, raspberries) to improve air circulation and reduce diseases
  • Trickle irrigation–we use drip irrigation to deliver water efficiently to the plant roots, conserving water and keeping moisture off leaves to help prevent diseases
  • Biological control–we use some beneficial insects to control pests in our high tunnels
  • Careful monitoring–we scout our fields to find pest problems early, while they’re easier to control.
  • Weeds–we use mulch in many applications to reduce weeds, and we use state-of-the-art cultivating equipment to eliminate weeds.  We use herbicides carefully.

Tomato Growing Methods

Sweet Corn Growing Methods


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