Here are the answers to some of our customers’ more frequently asked questions.  Please contact us with any other question you may have!

What are your hours for u-pick?   We don’t like to start before 10:00 AM. This allows time for the evening condensation to evaporate, and is better for plant health.

On hot days we close the strawberry patch from Noon to 6:00 PM.  on hot days so we can irrigate at noon to cool the field. We reopen from 6:00 PM to 8:00 PM when it is cooler and more comfortable for u-picking.  Call ahead  for the day’s details and picking conditions.

Do you have rest rooms?  Mostly yes. We have a rest room at the stand for our customers, and as a rule we have a porta-john where we are picking berries.

Do you have wild animals where we will be picking?   While there are plenty of deer around, we seldom see them during the day. For the last few years our crops have been guarded by a Bald Eagle, and we have song birds to enjoy.  We don’t have any dangerous wild animals, but expect to meet the  insects common to NY.  During some times of year you will encounter gnats, mosquitoes, and pollinating bees.

Do we allow kids in our berry patches?   Yes, children are welcome and can help pick.  We do ask that parents keep control of their children and that the berry plants are treated with respect.

Do we accept credit cards?  We don’t yet accept credit cards.   Good ole cash and good checks are welcome.

Can we bring our own containers?  Yes, berries and vegetables are priced by the pound.  If you bring your own containers we will weigh them ahead of time.  We have containers you can purchase as well.

What are the Farmstand hours?  We post our current hours on our contact page.


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