Farm Update

2016 was the most frustrating, money losing year we have had in over 50 years.
I’m enthusiastic, full of vim and vigor, and cannot wait to tell you about our changes for 2017.  I’m chafing at the bit ready to go.
We are going to be proactive in how we will be dealing with climate change.
1-  Purchased a new state of the art no till corn planter that will plant crops in 20 inch rows.
2-  Purchased a new drip line applicator that will lay 3 lines at a time and buried 2’’ deep. These lines will be able to be used in place for three years. This will be used for our sweet corn and sweet shelling peas. This will enable us to get water to our crops efficiently, timely without wasting water.
3- This year we will mow the pea vines when peas are ready to pick, pick them up, and put them on a picnic table so people young and old can pick the pods sitting down in the shade.
4- We are changing our onion varieties so that we can have a higher quality onion that is a cooking onion and will keep until Christmas or longer.
We have every reason to believe that we will have a good strawberry crop; they are presently sleeping comfortably and after three years of no blue berries we should have a bomber crop. This leaves us to worry about our potatoes. We can get water to them.
See you soon!  We appreciate our loyal customers!

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