Farm Report 4/20/19

  • House 2 – carrots are up
  • House 3 – full of grafted tomatoes
  • House 4 – beets are up
  • 2000 lettuce plants are growing
  • We have grafted tomato plants for sale (give us a call)
  • Making beds for onions and new planting of day neutral strawberries
  • Getting ready to plant:
    • peas
    • sweet corn
    • onions
  • Putting in a new asparagus bed

The frequent rains and cool weather are delaying spring plantings.  We have had a good signup effort for our CSA program and are STILL accepting applications.



CSA Signup Time for 2019!

Click here to signup for the 2019 season!  See you at the farm!

Closing Soon!

Buy one, get one free sale!!

We still have crispin, ida red, macintosh, golden delicious, and empire apples.

Still have some winter squash, blue hubbard, carnival squash, vegetable spaghetti squash, red and blue potatoes.
Check us later for Brussels sprouts.  Give us a call to make sure we have what you want!

Apples and other produce

We still have plenty of apples! Ida red, jona golds, golden delicious, crispin, empires, and Macintosh! Still have plenty of winter squash , potatoes (red and blue), cabbage (green), and honey! Come visit our farm stand!

Farm Update

We have a good supply of Cauliflower, Brussels sprouts, Cabbage, Winter squash,
Apples (Empire, Cortland, Jona Gold, Macintosh, Honey Crisp), Pumpkins, Blue Potatoes, and Honey!

Our Green Acres Update

U-pik potatoes as follows:

Saturday, October 6 – 1 to 4 pm
Sunday, October 7 –   1 to 4 pm
Monday, October 8 –   1 to 4 pm
Red, white, yellow and blue potatoes.
– $7 a 5 gallon pail
– $14 a bushel
It will not take much rain to postpone the digging, so please give us a call at 687-2874 before you come!  Thank you.

Tomato Alert!

Due to the heat, humidity, and rising temperatures, our tomatoes are ripening fast!  They won’t last too long!  Upik is available and there are plenty at the farm stand and our Farmers Market.  Please stop by if you have a chance and enjoy some delicious tomatoes from Our Green Acres.

Farm Update!

Just a few updates for you:

– Freestone peaches will be here August 16
– Great supply of pickling cucumbers and slicing cucumbers
– still have upik and stand blueberries
– lots of sweet delicious corn
See you at the farm!

Happenings at Our Green Acres

It has been a slow growing Spring, but things are doing real well.

  • strawberries blossoming – expect ripe berries about June 20th
  • blueberries are in blossom – what a great sight!
  • raspberries in raspberry house look great
  • peas and early corn up and growing
  • new planting of strawberries are in and doing well
  • sweet onions are doing great
  • good ‘ole Keith has tomatoes and peppers doing well.  Starting to pick a few grape tomatoes.
    • regular tomatoes look super – green fruit close to baseball size
  • we have great lettuce at this time

Our Green Acres Farm Report – 2018

  • In the farm pictures one can see good ole Keith has everything under control and ready to go!
  • He will be transplanting grafted tomato plants in House III by April 1st – no fooling.
  • We are still taking applications for the 2018 CSA program.  Looking forward to hearing from you.  We are interested in any comments pertaining to our CSA program good or bad – we want to continue to make it better.